about us

Over our years of teaching we have gathered a skill set from attending regular workshops and courses

led by internationally renowned pilates teachers and health professionals at the forefront of the science of bodywork. This allows us to adapt our work to the diversity of clients' needs and it keeps current with medical research.

Alison Beardsall

Body Control Pilates Association

MASTER Studio Equipment Teacher

Advanced Matwork

BA (Hons) Performing Arts

Kim Davey Sinclair

Body Control Pilates Association

MASTER Studio Equipment Teacher

ITEC Sports Therapist

RAD Ballet Teacher

I gained an Honours Degree in Performing Arts before embarking on a professional dance career. Frustrated with "dance" injuries and lack of relevant advice I trained as a Sports Therapist.


Knowing corrective exercise was the key to successful rehabilitation I jumped at the chance to attend one of the first Pilates training courses run in the UK by BCPA in 1998.


I particularly enjoy the creativity of adapting exercises for rehabilitation needs and for stimulating my mat class attendees. I include 'dynamic movement skills' into my sessions. Clients can then adopt pilates concepts to their everyday physical function improving agility and balance.

My background is in dancing having trained as a Royal Academy of Dancing Ballet teacher. After a career in professional dance I trained as a Sports Therapist where I discovered the relevance of the Pilates Technique in rehabilitation so began my training with BCPA in 1998.


I regularly practice Tai Chi, Transcendental Meditation and teach workshops on awareness of the breath. I integrate my interest in the latest fascial research into my 1:1 pilates sessions.



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