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Isle of Wight Pilates

Established in 1998 the Isle of Wight Pilates Centre is fully recognised by the BCPA (Body Control Pilates Association) with highly qualified instructors in both Pilates and Sports Therapy.

studio equipment The Isle of Wight Pilates Centre offers:

bullet pointOne to One, small group studio sessions and group mat work classes
bullet pointRemedial referrals to sports specific programmes
bullet pointPilates Studio with specialised equipment
bullet pointTailored programmes to suit individual needs
bullet pointContinued assessment and careful supervision

pilates instruction

"Most of our clients come from personal recommendation or on advice from health care practitioners. We are fortunate to have clients who have been with us since we started and Pilates has made a huge difference to their well being.

Our training as Pilates teachers and sports therapists requires patience and practice to adapt our skills to the client's needs so that no muscle group is overworked and the body works as an efficient system in daily and sporting activities. Proof of the efficiency of our approach is the progressive improvement in our clients' movements and body awareness".

Kim Davey-Sinclair - Instructor, Isle of Wight Pilates Centre

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