The Island Pilates Centre

Most of our clients come from personal recommendation or on advice from health care practitioners. We are fortunate to have clients who have been with us since we started and Pilates has made a huge difference to their well being.

The Island Pilates Centre

The ISLAND PILATES CENTRE is a modern, well equipped and purpose built studio set in a quiet, rural location with easy parking.

The Centre offers:

The Equipment

Our studio is fully equipped with apparatus manufactured by ‘Balanced Body’ in the USA.

This company was the first to update Joseph Pilates’ equipment with state of the art technology and has a worldwide reputation for the quality of their designs.

The ISLAND PILATES CENTRE has one of the best equipped Pilates studios in the country.

Pilates teachers make use of equipment to facilitate execution of movement. The pieces include the pilates reformer, cadillac or trapeze table, wunda chair and ladder barrel.The equipment allows many of the exercises to be performed in reclining or sitting positions and to be partially weightbearing which is excellent for rehabilitating injuries.

The equipment can also be used to vary the resistance and dynamics of the exercises and to explore a full range of movement and small props, such as wobble boards, balance pods and rotator discs are used for ‘balance’ training.

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